(PROgnostic Medical Equipment maintenance services ENabled by AI on DLT and EDGE)

The PromenAIde™ project was awarded by FILSE to apply the MYWAI EaaS solution for the prognostic maintainance of medical equipment (e.g. Ultrasounds)  by ESAOTE. 

The PromenAIde ™ Project (PROgnostic Medical Equipment maintenance services ENabled by AI on DLT and EDGE) was born from a project idea by MYWAI’s company holding, knowhedge™  , addressing disruptive Innovation in Biomedical Equipment as a Service.

Supported by the supervision of the research laboratory of ESAOTE™, an Italian and European leader in ultrasound and magnetic resonance systems, affiliated to the Ligurian Life Sciences Pole (PLSV), the PromenAIde platform was created thanks to the significant skills contributed by the innovative startups belonging to the Polo SOSIA (Knowhedge™, Swhard™ and Innovina™) specialized in innovation in the Edge AI, IoT and Blockchain sectors and with the ability of “system integration” and operational support guaranteed by the Innovative PMI Zenatek™ SPA, then acquired by MYWAI™ SRL.

As part of the PromenAIde™ project, SDG Studio has developed software for the integration of the MYWAI™ SRL solution.

Liguria Regional Operational Program 2014 – 2020

Co-financed by F.E.S.R. – European Regional Development Fund

Axis 1 “Research and Innovation (OT1)”

Action 1.2.4

Call – “Support for the implementation of complex research and development projects for companies associated with research and innovation poles”

CUP: G22C21000270007